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Rye Patch Reservoir

Rye patch is a long but narrow lake covering 10,820 acres when at full pool. With a maximum depth of 60 feet and an average depth of roughly 30 feet, there is plenty of structure to fish. Hosting a healthy population of Smallmouth bass with the occasional Largemouth being caught Rye patch is sure to host some fun fishing.

Travel information: Located 26 miles North of Lovelock Nevada, The lake has a very nice developed campground at the boat launch. Hotels and Restaurants can be found in Lovelock or just under an hour away in Winnemucca.
Approximate Travel times sourced from maps:
Vegas - 7 hours 6 minutes
Reno - 1 hour 42 minutes
Salt Lake city - 5 hours 43 minutes
Idaho Falls -  7 hours 26 minutes

Rye Patch: About
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